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Sons and Daughters In Touch (SDIT) was formed in 1989 to locate, unite and support the Gold Star ‘sons and daughters’ of the Vietnam War. At that time, the nation did not have any organizations focused on addressing the needs of America’s Gold Star children, and the urging of Vietnam veterans helped make SDIT the first organization of its kind.  

Today, fulfilling this mission is accomplished by providing care, community, and connections to many of the estimated 20,000 ‘sons and daughters’ whose fathers gave their lives in – or remain missing from – that Vietnam War.

Since its formation, SDIT is proud of:

  • Building the only database of Gold Star Children from the Vietnam War
  • Promoting wellness thru Peer-to-Peer interactions
  • Leading the largest-ever Gold Star pilgrimage to Vietnam in 2003
  • Helping make Father’s Day a recognizable event at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
  • Conducting a ground-breaking survey revealing key data about these Gold Star Children 

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Sons and Daughters In Touch is a 501(c)3 non-profit, taxpayer ID (TIN): 54-1655310.