About Us

Sons and Daughters In Touch Gold Star Families

Sons and Daughters In Touch is a non-profit organization committed to “…locating, uniting and supporting” the now-grown children of American servicemen who were killed or remain unaccounted for during the Vietnam War. For 35 years, SDIT has worked to elevate the visibility of our cause, the cause of Vietnam Veterans, and the cause of all Gold Star families.

During the Vietnam War, our fathers served in every branch – and at every rank – of the United States military. At the time of their loss, some of our dads had only been “in-country” a few days. Others served several deployments. Some of our fathers achieved the rank of Private and Corporal. Some of our fathers achieved the rank of General. A few of our fathers received the Medal of Honor.

Our fathers were lost throughout the span of the Vietnam War, on land, in the air, and at sea. More than 50 years later, some of our fathers are still unaccounted for.

Today, we – the Gold Star “sons and daughters” from the Vietnam War – come from every corner of America, weaving the same diverse fabric our fathers did a generation ago.

Mission Statement: Sons and Daughters In Touch is dedicated to locating, uniting, and supporting America’s Gold Star Children from the Vietnam War, and providing them with care, community, and connections.