Board of Directors

Sons and Daughters In Touch Board of Directors

Lauren Berkson, Florida
daughter of Joseph M. Berkson, US Army; May 2, 1972; Panel 1 West, Row 10

Mike Burkett, Texas
son of Curtis E. Burkett, US Army, February 19, 1971; Panel 5 West, Row 120

Tony Cordero, California
son of William E. Cordero, US Air Force; June 22, 1965; Panel 2 East, Row 15

Dan Jordan, Arizona
son of Daniel W. Jordan, US Army; July 10, 1967; Panel 23 East, Row 42

Elaine Roach, California
daughter of Harold Roach, US Navy; October 2, 1964

Jim Sampers, Calgary, Alberta
son of James W. Sampers, US Navy; September 7, 1969; Panel 18 West, Row 56

Dennis Shine, Washington, D.C.
son of Dennis F. Shine, US Army; August 19, 1969; Panel 19 West, Row 73

Stacy Swenck, California
daughter of Robert B. Swenck, US Air Force; November 25, 1971; Panel 2 West, Row 72


In Memoriam: Terry McGregor, California
the late son of Donald V. McGregor, US Army, August 13, 1963; Panel 1 East, Row 26 (deceased April 2017)