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Lt. Col Ignacio Aguilar
Corps of Engineers, USA 299th Engineer Battalion (Combat), 18th Engineer Brigade

Service in VietnamĀ 
1967 – 1967

Location of Casualty
South Vietnam

The Wall
Panel 031E Line 065


Lt. Col. Domingo I. Aguilar was a career officer, who served out of Patriotic Duty for his country and family. He believed in the US Government and laid his life down for the Love of Belief in the Good of God and his Country. He left behind 8 children. In 1967 the oldest child was 17 years old, Denise, Corinne (16), Mark (13), Paul (9), Suzanne (8), Michelle (6), Linda (5) and John (4).

The Ultimate sacrifice was his, and lived with by his family for all of the rest of our lives. I will miss him all the days of my life and I’m sure I echo the same sentiment for all my brothers and sister, mother and family. My father received the Bronze Star Medal for Heroism and I believe he received other honors, but I don’t have all of his information, to date.

Please contact me at dprats@miami.edu. The info on his birthday is incorrect. His birthday is May 31, 1928.