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Captain Carl E. Jackson
1st Flight Detachment, MACV-SOG 1131st Special Activities Squadron, 12th Det
Air Force

Service in VietnamĀ 
1965 – 1965

Location of Casualty
South Vietnam

The Wall
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Loved our God, family, country. Accumulated 4200 hours of flying time throughout his career in the Air Force, prior to his shoot down. Enlisted in the Air Force in 1957 for two years. He re-enlisted in the Air Force Reserve, active duty in 1960.

He was one of the elite chosen to work with MACV-SOG (Military Assistance Command, Vietnam Studies and Observation Group). MACV-SOG was a joint service high command unconventional warfare task force engaged in highly classified operations throughout Southeast Asia.

Sunday evening, word had it that Nha Trang was about to be under rocket and mortor attack. Jackson and his commanding officer headed for the jeep. Jackson dropped off his C/O at one aircraft and drove to his own. Apparently, the destination was Ton Son Nhut air base. June 27, 1965, while on final approach, Jackson’s C123 started receiving ground-fire and subsequently crashed. Rescue crews arrived at the scene and found that there were no survivors. The FBI was brought in to fingerprint all on board however, and none of the bodies could be identified as Capt. Carl E. Jackson, USAF.

Throughout the years, the U.S. government has still not positively located his crash site.