Erman M. Newman Jr.

Rank: Major

Branch of Service: Army

Service in Vietnam: 1966-1966

Casualty Date: 12 Aug 1966

Location of Casualty: Da Nang

Location on Wall: 9E, 133

Maj Erman M Newman Jr, El Paso, Texas. Graduated USMA, West Point in 1957. An Army Ranger assigned to MACV in DaNang, South Vietnam 1966.

My father was KIA in Vietnam when I was only 21 months old, so I have no specific memory of him. He wasn’t physically here to see me grow through childhood, or for the highlights of my life – high school graduation, father-daughter dances, college graduation, wedding day, the birth of grandchildren. While I cannot remember him, every milestone if my life had a certain element of sadness. I don’t know any other way to describe it. But I have always known and felt deep down that he was, and is, watching over me, my Mom and siblings from heaven above.

My mother made sure to keep his memory alive and I have spent countless hours asking her questions about him and their life together. It is clear from the stories from her and also from his classmates of USMA ’57, that he was a great and honorable man with a sense of humor and a love of God and family. I treasure the stories, the photos, and remembrances that I have heard and seen through the years.

In his honor, I wear a memorial bracelet (never take it off) and I am a proud gold star daughter!
May you continue to rest in peace Daddy.