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Vietnam 2003: Why the historic SDIT to Vietnam still matters today and in the future…

Ten years ago – March 17, 2003 – more than 50 American Gold Star “sons and daughters” who lost their fathers in the Vietnam War stood in the Singapore International Airport, watching on television as President Bush warned Saddam Hussein that failure to leave Baghdad would result in military action against his regime.

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‘…when I first understood the meaning of love’ – a tribute to my mother.

By Cammie Geoghegan Olson, 2011  Long forgotten and recently found pictures of my parents- on their wedding day, honeymoon and early years of my childhood- combined with an interview I heard of a Navy Seal widow being asked “What will you tell your children about their father?” compelled me to explore when I first understood […]

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An Open Letter to the Children Who Lost Parents on 9/11

On the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, this is a still-relevant letter written in November 2001 from SDIT to the children who lost parents on that day.   based on the life experiences of SONS AND DAUGHTERS IN TOUCH America’s Gold Star ‘sons and daughters’ from the Vietnam War ___________________________ An Open Letter […]

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