Michael E. Styer

Rank: Lt. Col

Unit: 8th TAC, Satan's Angels, Bushmasters

Branch of Service: Air Force

Service in Vietnam: 1969-1970

Casualty Date: 13 Jan 9170

Location of Casualty: Guam AFB runway

Location on Wall: Panel 14Q LIne 68

Thread of time, moments of memory frozen then remembered.
An expression , emotion, a pattern of movement and it quickens my heart.
A fragrance in the air, sound carried upon a breeze and memories arise
from where they’ve been stored.
A fragment of remembrance in a son or daughter’s movement, the laughter
of a grandchild.
A moment susupended, a journey back in the blink of time and then
forward again in a new memory.
A blending of past and new lives, the undendeing circle of family and heritage.
The confirmation that those we’ve loved left pieces in us, around us.
And my heart took pictures and I remember.
Now my soul rejoices and once again you live.