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Adrian Cronauer: 1938-2018

At Father’s Day 1993, famed Armed Forces Vietnam Network radio deejay Adrian Cronhauer asks, “Can you say ‘Good Morning, Vietnam!’ in sign language?” 

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Sons and Daughters in Touch e-Update Memorial Day 2018

HONORING THE FAMILIES OF AMERICA’S FALLEN HEROES ON MEMORIAL DAY By Tony Cordero and Bonnie Carroll SDIT at the White House On June 4, three SDIT families will join a limited number of other Gold Star families — from WWII through the most recent conflicts to honor, thank and celebrate those who have survived the […]

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Families of Fallen Carry On Tradition of Resilience on Memorial Day

Memorial Day 2018 Each Memorial Day, Americans honor those whom we cannot personally thank: the soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. History suggests that Memorial Day had its beginnings in Mississippi, where women decorated the graves of Confederate and Union soldiers killed during the Civil War. Ever since […]

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