Sons and Daughters In Touch is an all-volunteer, national support organization committed to uniting the Gold Star sons and daughters of American servicemen who were killed, or who remain missing, as a result of the Vietnam War. In addition, our membership includes family members and many military veterans who served with our fathers -- all dedicated to furthering the mission of SDIT.


Father’s Day 2015: An open invitation to all Gold Star Families and Veterans

In June, Sons and Daughters In Touch (SDIT) will celebrate its 25th Anniversary with a Father’s Day weekend celebration in Washington, DC.  Attendees will gather to see their fathers’ names on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and share the experience of living though the 1960s and 70s when the war was a lightning-rod for controversy and protests.

These Gold Star ‘sons and daughters’ were infants and adolescents when the dreaded ‘knock on the door’ occurred notifying them that their fathers had been killed – or were missing – in the war.  They persevered, came of age, went to college, started families and careers, and many are now grandparents!  But they will always be the Gold Star ‘sons and daughters’ whose fathers were lost in the rice paddies and jungles of SE Asia.

When SDIT was established in 1990, America didn’t have an organization for the war orphans of WWII, Korea or Vietnam. Organizations like Gold Star Mothers and Gold Star Wives and the National League of POW/MIA families met the needs of those groups, but the 20,000 children left fatherless by the Vietnam War, were virtually forgotten.

With the help of supportive veterans, SDIT was formed to locate and unite these children – many of whom longed to see their fathers’ names etched into the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and had never met another Gold Star child. Establishing SDIT prompted the formation of similar organizations from WWII and the Korean War – each offering its own brand of support.

Twenty-five years later, SDIT has bonded with Vietnam veterans, and stands strong with thousands of members throughout the country.  In 2003, 50 members traveled to Vietnam to see the places where their fathers fought and died. Together, the common bond they’ve established has transformed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial into a family tree!

As SDIT has grown, America has found itself in the Persian Gulf War, 9/11 and the Global War on Terror. Combat has again left young children fatherless – and now motherless, as well.

Instead of being forgotten, this time America has rallied to support these children with peer-mentoring, grief counseling and guidance, academic scholarships, and get-away excursions, to help ease their loss. This support illustrates the military and social lessons learned from the Vietnam War.

Today, America’s youngest Gold Star children often find themselves befriended by members of Sons and Daughters In Touch.  The lives of America’s oldest Gold Star ‘children’ from WWII, Korea and Vietnam, help the nation visualize what life holds in store for the youngest Gold Star ‘children’.  SDIT members consider it their duty to provide this support, and to educate the nation on the life-long impact of war.

This Father’s Day 2015 – as SDIT marks its 25th anniversary – we invite Gold Star families and Veterans from all conflicts to join us as we honor our fathers in a weekend of remembrance, healing and hope.

Join SDIT for this milestone celebration!  Register today for your spot (, and share the link with others you know.

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D-Day 70 Years Later: Lessons from our ‘siblings’ of WWII

The 70th Anniversary of D-Day is an opportunity for SDIT to look to its “older” siblings for similarities in the emotional search all Gold Star “sons and daughters” encounter. Written in the year 2000, here is the very personal account of Ed Peters” search … for his father who was lost after parachuting into Normandy on June 6, 1944. 

Following My Father’s Footsteps

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 6.41.13 PM

My mother and I began our journey in Washington D.C. by attending the Memorial Day service sponsored by the 101st Airborne Division Association. We visited the wreath laying ceremonies at the Vietnam Memorial and the 101st Airborne Division Memorial atArlington National Cemetery. Continue Reading →

Memorial Day 2014




As in years past, Sons and Daughters In Touch has been invited to attend the annual Gold Star Families breakfast in the White House. The following are brief biographies of the Gold Star ‘Sons and Daughters’ scheduled to represent SDIT on Memorial Day. Continue Reading →